Get Involved

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Parent Involvement at Woods Elementary
At Woods Elementary, there are a variety of exciting ways parents can get involved.  Parents can join the School Assessment and Review Team, the School Site Council, or the Parent Teacher Club. Family members can also volunteer in the library, in the classroom, or in the “Snack Shack”!

Parent-Teacher Club 
Each elementary and intermediate school in the district has a Parent Club organization. The primary purpose of a school's Parent Club is to assist teachers in providing a quality educational experience for all students by sponsoring student/parent fundraising events. 

School Assessment Review Team (S.A.R.T.)
Each school in the Clovis Unified School District has a S.A.R.T. Committee. The S.A.R.T. Committee does not duplicate or assume the functions of other school organizations such as the School Site Council or the Parent Club. Rather, the S.A.R.T. Committee is concerned about the overall operation of the school. It serves as a community forum for communication and assessment of the school programs and as an advisory body to the princpal.

School Site Council (SSC)
The SSC is composed of parents, students at the secondary level and school personnel and is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating the Single Plan for Student Achievement programs. Members serve for two years and are elected by their peers. For more detailed information please visit >> Department of Special Projects