Principal's Message

 Harold L. Woods Elementary School sign 

Principal's Message

Thank you for visiting our website.  This website is a means to give you school information, tell you about upcoming events, as well as offer a means of communication with the staff.  I would like to thank each of the parents, students and staff for making Woods such a great place to work.  I feel very fortunate to be the principal at a school with such great parent involvement, hard-working staff and students, and a strong since of family.  At Woods we have a vision:

Woods will be a nationally recognized elementary school for its excellence in academics, co-curricular programs and community involvement.  We will work together with our community to maintain high expectations for each child  while working towards continuous improvement so each child can reach his/her fullest potential.   We will all strive to be life-long learners that value a strong sense of mind, body and spirit while building individual character.  We value teamwork, community partnerships, a good work ethic and creating a safe, positive learning environment for all. 

The mission of the staff at Woods Elementary is to shape students to become productive members of society as well as becoming a nationally recognized elementary school.  Through collaboration with one another and our community on an ongoing basis, we will seek continuous improvement in areas of curriculum, communication, plant operations as well as on-site programs.

Students will be challenged academically through instruction that has a direct correlation of the curriculum to grade level standards while meeting individual learning needs.  Participation in co-curricular activities will be encouraged for all students.  Students will be given the opportunity to reflect and influence their own learning.  The six pillars of character and multicultural awareness will also be an integral part of the curriculum to promote positive social interaction and decision-making. 

Measurement of our success will be based upon assessment results (both formal and informal), community input (SART), CLASSI results, discipline referrals, co-curricular participation.

Thank you for helping to make this vision a possibility.  If we work together, we can make it happen.

We are the Wolverines! 

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