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Woods Elementary Athletics Update 2/11/21
We are very excited to announce that we have been given permission from the Fresno County Department of Public Health to start “Low Contact Sports” at Woods Elementary. Specifically, “Physical conditioning, practice, skill-building, and training can be conducted outdoors, with 6-feet of physical distancing, and within stable team cohorts remain authorized regardless of county tier status.”

We have been approved to have any students in grades 4th through 6th participate in two seasons of sport for the remainder of this year. Yes, any Woods upper grade student that attends In-Person Hybrid AM or PM, Clovis Connect Online, or Accelerated Education / Edgenuity may participate in both or either season of sport. Our sports practice will start at 3:10 pm and run until 4:10 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the season. Unfortunately, we do not have transportation for the sports practices. Students will need to have their own transportation to and from practice each day. Students will need to check in at the check-in station behind the upper grade wing before going to sports practice if they did not previously check in for in-person class.

The first season will be from February 22nd through Thursday, March 25th. This will be a Skills-Based season where students will rotate through various athletic skill development stations. It is our goal to provide some activity for students and help get them active. Students will be placed in groups or cohorts of students and rotate through activities based on sports available at Woods.
During the second season, students will be able to participate in baseball (5th & 6th), cross country (4th through 6th) or softball (5th & 6th). The student cohort will be the specific team (Example: Varsity Softball is a cohort of students). Teams are scheduled to play 4 games this season. There will not be any tournaments with multiple teams. During season two, we will have transportation from Woods to games and back to Woods.  Students will be required to have their own transportation home from Woods.

Student cohorts will remain the same for the individual season. Students will socially distance and wear a mask while participating in the activities and at school.

Unfortunately, we will not have any opportunity for visitors or spectators to attend practices for the first season. We are needing to keep our school safe and provide as much social distancing space for our students and sports. During the second season, we may be able to have immediate family members attend games. We should hear more information later in April about the allowance of spectators.

Students interested in attending season one Skills-Based sports will need to sign up through Permission Click. Please click the link to access the Permission Click form. We would like parents to complete this form before 8:00 pm on Wednesday, February 17th to provide our coaches time to place students in cohorts for the first day of practice. Again, the first day of practice will be Monday, February 22nd at 3:10 pm. Students will receive their cohort group assignment the first day of practice when they check in.  

Students that sign up after Wednesday, February 17th for sports will need to wait until they are contacted and assigned a cohort group before attending a practice. We want every student that would like to participate in sports to have the opportunity to attend.  

Students interested in attending season two will not need to fill out another form on Permission Click if they attended season one. You only need to fill out the form one time. If students do not attend season one and would like to attend season two (Baseball, Cross Country or Softball), they will need to complete the Permission Click form prior to March 22nd.

We are very excited to offer our students the opportunity to engage in sports this year. Please let us know if you have any questions or need more information. You can call the front office at 327-8800 or check our school website for more information.