P.R. 4-6

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Personal Responsibility while in the Woods

The Woods' Personal Responsibility (PR) program is designed for students in grades 4 - 6. It is a program that is created to develop student awareness and responsibility to themselves and others. Reward activities are given quarterly to student who exemplify Wolverine responsibility.  Your child's teacher will further communicate with you and your child, the expected areas of responsibility to assist them in their academic, extra curricular and social growth while at Woods.

Download PR Chart >> Form

Students will be able to attend quarterly reward activity if they have:

  • 0-3 penalty points
  • 0-5 penalty points in various areas

Automatic Elimination From Reward Activity:

  • 4 points in any one area
  • A total of 6 or more points in any area
  • Any suspension

 Things student can lose PR Points for:

  • Classroom misconduct
  • Playground misconduct
  • Bus misconduct/referral
  • Lunchroom misconduct
  • Music/Band referral
  • Unexcused absence
  • Unexcused tardy
  • Incomplete/late assignments
  • Unprepared for class (materials included)
  • Uniform not returned on time
  • Unreturned Home Communication notes
  • Lost/damaged school property/financial obligations
  • Overdue library books/financial obligations
  • Other

*Detention: Students will be assigned to detention for each point beyond elimination*