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Information about the Block "W" Award


The Block "W" Award is an award used to recognize students involved in all areas of the school. The Block "W" can be earned by all fourth, fifth and sixth grade students and is available each semester.  The criteria for this award reflect well rounded participation and service, as well as achievement.  Recognition of students who earn Block “W” is a formal culminating family event at the end of the school year.

In keeping with the spirit of the Clovis philosophy to be the best you can be, the areas and activities in which students can earn points have been grouped into these three domains: Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Please open the Block W Guidelines at the top of this page for specific guidelines and requirements governing the earning of points in each category are discussed.

1/25/17 UPDATE:  Block W forms will be uploaded soon.  Front page of website will note when forms have been updated.  Thank you


Block "W" Award Guidelines please click here>>

Block "W" Award Forms please click here>> 

Block "W" form for students that are participating in outside sports or activities.>>