Air Quality

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Air Quality 
(Color Description)

Health Cautionary Statement
Over 300 Hazardous
Deep Purple
No activity outside - remain indoors. "Emergency Episode."
201-300 Health Advisory
All outdoor activities will stop. Indoor activities may continue in a closed environment.
151-200 Unhealthy Air Quality
All students and adults should be cautious and curtail outdoor activities and avoid any prolonged exertion. Students and adults with history of respiratory disease such as asthma/heart disease, will participate only in activities that can be conducted indoors.
101-150 Unhealthy for
Sensitive Groups
Students and adults with respiratory diseases, such as asthma and heart disease, should not participate in any activity that would cause high levels of exertion. All other students and adults should limit outdoor activities.
51-100 Moderate
Light Yellow
Students and adults with history of extremely sensitive respiratory diseases, such as asthma, should consider limiting prolonged outdoor exertion.
0-50 Good